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Eichah: A Modern Commentary on Lamentations

ISBN: 978-0-8074-1061-5
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Formerly URJ Press # 516790
From the authors of the classic commentaries on Jonah, Ruth, the Song of Songs, Ecclesiastes, Proverbs, and Pirke Avot comes this new volume on the Book of Lamentations. Using commentary from the Targum, Rashi, and Ibn Ezra, as well as contemporary sources, Rabbis Kravitz and Olitsky shed new light on this ancient and often overlooked text. The book of Lamentations is about more than simply Jewish tragedy and a lament for the destruction of the Temples and subsequent tragedies marked by Tishah B'Av. It is about the centrality of Jerusalem in the history of the Jewish people. Rather than an elegy of a lost city, Lamentations thus becomes the central book on Jerusalem, reminding us of the city's unique role in our religious lives. The themes of this book are timeless and relevant at any point in the year.
 A URJ Press Publication
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