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Pirke Avot: A Modern Commentary on Jewish Ethics

ISBN: 978-0-8074-0480-5
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Formerly URJ Press #160502

This edition presents a fresh, new approach to a Jewish classic. Editors Kravitz and Olitzky reinvigorate the study of Pirke Avot ( "Ethics of the Fathers") with bold new insights from many corners of the modern Jewish world. Along with traditional commentaries from Rashi and Maimonides, readers encounter the wisdom of Leo Baeck, Eugene Borowitz, Emil Fackenheim, Lawrence Kushner, Anne Roiphe, Judith Plaskow, Maurice Eisendrath, Ellis Rivkin, and many others. Ideal for college or adult study.

"...a fascinating guide to human and especially Jewish living... the book will captivate you."--W. Gunther Plaut
A Feldman Library Fund publication.

A URJ Press Publication

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