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Aleph-Bet of Marriage: Journeying Toward Commitment (Participant's Guide)

ISBN: 978-0-8074-0930-5
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Formerly URJ Press #101105

You're in love and planning a wedding, but how can you, as a couple, ensure that your marriage will survive harrowing statistics on divorce? For starters, try the highly successful and enlightening seven-week Commitment workshop from the Union for Reform Judaism Department of Jewish Family Concerns, for which this volume is a primary text.

Like the course, this book helps couples explore their differing perspectives, families of origin, and expectations for marriage, while heightening skills in communication, negotiation, and conflict resolution. Each session begins with text-based study linking past with present to help couples create safe and loving Jewish homes that reflect their joint spiritual aims.

Helpful to all couples who are joining their lives together, including same-sex couples. Suitable for small and large congregations.

A URJ Press Publication

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