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"Atlas of Great Jewish Communities, The: A Voyage Through Jewish History: Teacher's Guide"

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Formerly URJ Press #223941

The history book you've been waiting for! Sondra Leiman's The Atlas of Great Jewish Communities is an adventure that begins in Jerusalem in the first century and ends, two thousand years later, in modern-day Israel. With compelling photographs, colorful maps, intriguing sidebars, personal tales, and primary texts, this is much more than a textbook. It's an interactive experience in Jewish history.

Designed for the fifth or sixth grade, The Atlas of Great Jewish Communities focuses on individuals as well as on events. Students meet such famous figures as King Herod, Rabbi Judah ha Nasi, as well as Bruria, Rambam, Maria Nunes, Hugo Grotius, and Eliezer Ben Yehuda. In becoming acquainted with such people, students learn of the Jewish past and come to see it as their own.

  • User-friendly format
  • Primary texts
  • Colorful maps and photographs and timelines
  • Primary sources
  • Ideal introduction to Jewish history

This teacher's guide includes an audio CD of Jewish music from around the world to use in your classrooms.

A URJ Press Publication

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