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CHAI Level 5 Curriculum Core

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Formerly URJ Press #410150

Students deepen their understanding of Reform Judaism and the power of community through study of the Prophets, the Amidah, the Aleinu, and the Kaddish, and acts of g'milut chasadim we perform as a Jewish community.

Students begin to explore those aspects of Torah, Avodah, and G'milut Chasadim that define Reform Judaism.

Torah Strand: The prophets focused on reminding the Jewish people how God wants us to live, and their messages are at the heart of Reform Judaism. The Level 5 Torah strand focuses on the Book of Prophets.

Avodah Strand: The practice of prayer can help me grow through personal reflection, can increase my connection to the Jewish people, and can strengthen my relationship with God.

G'milut Chasadim Strand: We are all part of K'lal Yisrael and have a responsibility to actively support and sustain the Jewish community through acts of loving kindness.

Student workbook also available!

Click here for additional CHAI Curriculum support and sample lessons.

A URJ Press Publication

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