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Chaverim B'Ivrit Volume 8

ISBN: 978-0-8074-0911-4
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Formerly URJ Press #142698

The Hebrew program for your day school.
Features of Chaverim B'Ivrit:

  • Full color
  • Written by Mira Owen, author of HaKol Chadash and Netzanim, with a team of Hebrew curriculum specialists
  • Developed for the liberal day school environments, including selections from Jewish source texts and tefilla.
  • Based on the most current understanding of language acquisition in children including the need to transfer and apply learning in new contexts and situations
  • Develops active language production in children
  • Child-centered with special attention to the beyond-the-classroom interests and needs of students
  • Use of multiple genres including stories, conversations, telephone conversations, poems, songs, albums, journals, bulletin board notices, and so forth
  • Teachers guide at beginning of each level with further teacher instructions at the bottom of each page of the student materials
  • Adaptable for diverse levels of learning
  • Field-tested in the United States
  • Age appropriate stories take into account Jewish identity development and diaspora Judaism
  • Treats Hebrew as a living language

A URJ Press Publication

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