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Chaverim B'Ivrit Volume 9

ISBN: 978-0-8074-0912-1
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Formerly URJ Press #142699

The Hebrew program for your day school.
Features of Chaverim B'Ivrit:

  • Full color
  • Written by Mira Owen, author of HaKol Chadash and Netzanim, with a team of Hebrew curriculum specialists
  • Developed for the liberal day school environments, including selections from Jewish source texts and tefilla.
  • Based on the most current understanding of language acquisition in children including the need to transfer and apply learning in new contexts and situations
  • Develops active language production in children
  • Child-centered with special attention to the beyond-the-classroom interests and needs of students
  • Use of multiple genres including stories, conversations, telephone conversations, poems, songs, albums, journals, bulletin board notices, and so forth
  • Teachers guide at beginning of each level with further teacher instructions at the bottom of each page of the student materials
  • Adaptable for diverse levels of learning
  • Field-tested in the United States
  • Age appropriate stories take into account Jewish identity development and diaspora Judaism
  • Treats Hebrew as a living language

This newest addition to the innovative, colorful Hebrew for Day School series focuses on the question, "What interests me?" One of the topics explored is what our ancestors wore, and what people might wear in the future. The series covers Hebrew vocabulary, grammar, reading, conversation, and holidays.

A URJ Press Publication

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