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"Growing Jewish Minds, Growing Jewish Souls: Promoting Spiritual, Social, and Emotional Growth in Jewish Education "

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Formerly URJ Press #160010

What is the goal of Jewish education? Is it to fill students' brains with Jewish knowledge? Or is it to fill their hearts and souls with Jewish values?

Jewish educators across the denominational spectrum envision not just a student possessing a particular body of knowledge, but a type of person with particular traits and proclivities, a person grounded in, and engaged with, his or her community and society, whose actions are guided not by transient mores but rather by a lasting value system based on a vision of meaning and purpose.

Educators are increasingly being called upon to help students develop the skills needed for social, emotional, and spiritual development as well as to provide opportunities for students to practice the use of these skills and to integrate them into a sense of self. Innovative efforts have been undertaken by Jewish educators to promote outcomes in the intra- and inter-personal realms. The goal of this volume is to bring these efforts together to provide an overview of what is happening, what is possible, and what might be learned from the experiences of these educators.

Growing Jewish Minds, Growing Jewish Souls:
Promoting Spiritual, Social, and Emotional Growth in Jewish Education

Foreword by Jonathan Woocher

Introduction by Jeffrey S. Kress

Chapter 1: Nurturing the Spiritual in Jewish Education by Michael Shire

Chapter 2: Teaching for Transcendence by Carol K. Ingall

Chapter 3: Seeing Is Caring, Seeing Is Believing: Teaching Sensitivity in the Classroom by Laurence Scheindlin

Chapter 4: Spirituality and Moral Education by Judd Kruger Levingston

Chapter 5: Where Ethics Meets History: A Synthesis of Values, Sacred Texts, and the Humanities by Jan Darsa and Martin E. Sleeper

Chapter 6: Fine-Tuning the Listening Heart: Weaving Together the Teaching of Jewish Ethics and Socio-emotional Learning through the Open Circle Program by Shoshana Simons and Ruth Gafni

Chapter 7: Nourishing the Souls of Students in Jewish Education byLaura Weaver, Randi Hirschberg, and Batya Greenwald

Chapter 8: Evidence-Based Bully Prevention in Jewish Schools: The BRAVE Experience Addressing Problematic Social Behaviors and Building Social Leadership by Rona Milch Novick

Chapter 9: Educational Jewish Moments: A Methodology for Educators to Self-Audit by Shira D. Epstein

Chapter 10: Facilitating Change in the Culture of Prayer in Day School: An Intervention Based on a Theory of Practice by Saul Wachs and Michael Schatz

Chapter 11: Kesher v'K'hilah: Community, Friendship, and Jewish Engagement among Reform Youth by Laura Novak Winer and Dana Sheanin

Chapter 12: Ask Jethro: Two Chicago Campus Initiatives to Reach and Assess Jewish Emerging Adults by Scott Aaron, Josh Feigelson, and Daniel Libenson

Chapter 13: Carrying the Burden of the Other: Musar and Adult Development by Arielle Levites and Ira Stone

Chapter 14: Social-Emotional and Character Development and Jewish Parenting: Exploring the Spiritual, Research, and Practice Synergy by Maurice J. Elias and Marilyn Gootman

A URJ Press Publication


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