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Holy Days Holy Ways: Teacher's Guide

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Introduce your primary-grade students to the basics of Jewish holidays and tikkun olam at the same time.

These four-page pamphlets are the perfect way into the complete year of Jewish holidays. From Rosh Hashanah to Shavuot, the Jewish calendar is replete with joyous occasions of all kinds. Sharon Halper's twelve vibrantly full-color illustrated pamphlets bring the relevance of ancient Jewish texts to life in the twenty-first century.

  • Each student pack contains eleven different holiday pamphlets, as well as one parent pamphlet
  • Perfect for first or second grade
  • Easily integrates into your family education programs
  • Age-appropriate introduction to the Jewish calendar and the concept of tikkun olam
  • Curriculum uses textbased approach

Sharon D. Halper is the author of To Learn Is To Do: A Tikkun Olam Roadmap

Lisa Rauchwerger is the author of the interactive cookbook, Chocolate Chip Challah and Other Twists on the Jewish Holiday Table, as well as its accompanying activity books.

A URJ Press Publication

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