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Sacred Parenting: Jewish Wisdom and Practical Guidance for Your Family

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Formerly URJ Press #145000

Parenting can be lonely, isolating, and confusing. Yet parenting is also holy work. In this comprehensive volume, a rabbi and mother of three shares the treasures of Jewish teaching and Jewish thought on parenting.

Using the words of Genesis and Deuteronomy, the songs of the Psalmist, the instructions of Proverbs, and the wisdom of ancient and modern sages, Sacred Parenting guides readers to parent with spirituality, mindfulness, and partnership with God. Its methods are multifaceted, grounded in Jewish tradition, contemporary parenting best-practices, and real-world experience. Topics include bedtime, discipline, transmitting values, and much more.

In addition to providing a spiritual outlook and practical guidance, Sacred Parenting invites readers to delve more deeply into Jewish living. The book contains a treasury of prayers for myriad occasions, an accessible explanation of Jewish holidays and milestones, and suggestions for meaningful, age-appropriate observance of Jewish occasions.

Sacred Parenting has been named a finalist in the Jewish Family Literature category of the 2009 National Jewish Book Awards!

A URJ Press Publication

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