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Sex in the Texts

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Formerly URJ Press #168506

Are you looking for a high school curriculum that brings to life issues directly related to your students? Would you like to help your students improve their text skills? Sex in the Text may be your answer.

Rabbi Paul Yedwab, author of several books, introduces students to controversial texts and related commentary from our tradition, ranging from B'reishit to other biblical, rabbinic, kabbalistic, and responsa texts. These are the stories and narratives not usually discussed in the classroom. Though it may sometimes be uncomfortable to talk about these texts, this collection make it clear that in its more than 4000-year history, Judaism has had an astonishing breadth in its perceptions on every aspect of our sexual lives. Sex in the Text will enable students to make connections between the texts and their lives and help them learn Jewish perspectives on sexuality, love, and marriage, as well as topics like deception, abortion, adultery, and rape.

  • texts in Hebrew and English
  • textbook/workbook for confirmation and high school
  • also appropriate for adult education
  • emphasis on primary texts
  • intended to evoke comfortable class discussions on uncomfortable subjects

See article about Sex in the Texts in the Forward.

A URJ Press Publication

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