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Shabbat Shalom!

ISBN: 978-0-8074-0873-5
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Formerly URJ Press #381598

Companion to the new CD collection of the same name. From the author of Good Morning, Boker Tov and Good Night, Lilah Tov, Michelle Abraham"s latest book introduces preschoolers to the joy of Shabbat.

In simple, rhyming language, Shabbat Shalom! tells the story of family celebrating Shabbat. . Filled with prayers and beautiful illustrations, Shabbat Shalom! is a wonderful way to teach toddlers about lighting Shabbat candles, reciting the Kiddush, saying the blessing over the challah and more.Abraham's educational books for preschoolers are proven successes, making learning fun and exciting. Shabbat Shalom! is the perfect complement to the Morning/Bedtime Rituals books, creating a strong start to leading a Jewish life.

A URJ Press Publication

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