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Synagogue Boards: A Sacred Trust

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Formerly URJ Press #241854

Synagogue Boards: A Sacred Trust is a practical roadmap on how to be a successful synagogue board member and how synagogues can create successful boards. Author Daniel S. Schechter uses his experience as a synagogue trustee and president to full advantage in detailing his concept of what constitutes "Jewish values" and how to incorporate them into the decision-making process. He also provides a practical nuts-and-bolts approach to board membership in discussing such issues as:

  • How to improve and evaluate synagogue board performance
  • Preventing trustee "burnout"
  • Ways to improve working relationships with religious leaders
  • How best to build a "synagogue community"
  • Development and long-range planning
  • The board and the budget

Daniel S. Schechter writes from his experience as a synagogue trustee and president and as a vice chair and executive committee member of the URJ. He has served as editor and publisher of Trustee magazine and authored a column in the Journal of the National Association of Temple Administrators and Trusteeship in a Great Tradition. Schechter has also served as codirector of the CCAR's liturgy development project and chaired the Park Ridge Center for the study of health, faith, and ethics.

A URJ Press Publication

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