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Talmud for Everyday Living Book 2: Insights into Buying and Selling

ISBN: 978-0-8074-0815-5
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Formerly URJ Press #381607

What does Jewish tradition say about the way we do business? Is the only rule, "Don't buy retail"? Talmud for Everyday Living: Insights into Buying and Selling can help answer these questions and more.

In his second book of the Talmud for Everyday Living series, Hillel Gameron expands his conversation with the rabbis of the Talmud on the topic of doing business ethically. Here the focus of attention turns to commerce: namely, what constitutes a purchase agreement; product liability; fraud; scales and measures and more.

  • Includes a glossary of important definitions and Talmudic sages
  • English translation accurately conveys the meaning of the Talmudic text
  • Highlights questions for discussion
  • Excellent for personal study or adult education classes
  • Ideal for beginning or advanced Talmud students

A URJ Press Publication

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