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These Words Upon Our Heart: A Lexicon of Judaism and World Religions

ISBN: 978-0-8074-0785-1
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Formerly URJ Press #123942

These Words Upon Our Heart focuses on the acquisition of Jewish literacy. Each chapter of this unique new book begins with a key Hebrew word, like k'dushah (holiness) or n'shamah (soul). The first step is to explore the history, or etymology, of the word. Steven Steinbock explores the origins and semantics of each word, clearly explaining the evolutions it has undergone throughout the centuries. Readers are offered interpretations of the word over time from such distinguished thinkers as Hillel, Maimonides, Abraham Isaac Kook, and others.

These Words Upon Our Heart blends history, philosophy, language, literature and comparative religion into a fun, fascinating and challenging study on Jewish literacy.

A URJ Press Publication

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