Make, Create, Celebrate!

Paint, perform, and doodle your way through the 
Jewish Holidays!

Make, Create, Celebrate! Jewish Holidays Through Art 
uses the arts as the vehicle for exploring and experiencing the
Jewish holidays.

Not an artist? Don't worry about it! This course is all about self-expression and ideas. There is no need to make everything beautiful or perfect. As long as you and your students are thoughtful in your responses, you are good to go!

Want some techniques and tips? Click on the links below to
view how-to videos for each chapter.

Chapter 1/ Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur:

 Hear the Shofar

Chapter 2/ Sukkot:

 Creating a Collage

Chapter 3/ Simchat Torah:

 Creating a Micography

Chapter 4/ Shabbat:

 Zen Doodling

 Painting with Watercolor Resist

Chapter 5/ Hanukkah:

 Making Scratch Art

 Making Your Own Window

Chapter 6/ Tu BiShevat:

 Making Art from Found Objects

 Making a Journal Page

Chapter 7/ Purim:

 The Purim Story

 Creating a Resistance Gragger

Chapter 10/ Yom Ha'atzma'ut:

 Making a Paper Mosaic Collage

 The Hope (National Anthem of Israel)

Chapter 11/ Shavuot:

 Making Midrash