Making T'filah Meaningful: Prayer Resources

Check out these songs, videos, templates, and other resources for each prayer in Making T'filah Meaningful!:


General Resources

  1. Want to learn more about any of the topics covered in Making T'filah Meaningful? Check out My Jewish Learning.
  2. The Making T'filah Meaningful series includes references to different Torah texts and stories. For great videos to explain these texts, visit BimBam.
  3. This series includes several options for supporting students with special needs. For more ideas, check out this list of resources from
  4. For an unforgettable film about the power of prayer, check out Praying with Lior.

Bar'chu: Preparing Ourselves for Prayer

  1. Play Am I Awake? by Noah Aronson to introduce the Bar'chu.
  2. Learn "David Melech Yisrael" with these videos:
    •     A BimBam video with lyrics for the song
    •     A second grade class singing the song, including doing the call and response.
  3. Here are examples of call and response with the "Aleph Bet" song:
    •     Aleph Bet Song by Debbie Friedman, with letters
    •     Aleph Bet Song by Mama Doni, with additional Hebrew words

Sh'ma: Focusing on Prayer

  1. Information from My Jewish Learning about the Sh'ma.

V'ahavta: Using Our Hearts and Minds in Prayer

  1. Create your own Jewish ritual objects. Here are craft ideas and directions, as well as kits you can buy:
    •     Benny's Educational Toys
    •     Oy Toys
    •     Look on Pinterest for ideas to make your own mezuzah, tallit, and other Jewish-themed crafts.
    •     Behrman House mezuzah craft
    •     Search Amazon for products such as tallit needlepoint kits (Consider starting at to support a charity of your choice.)
  2. Learn more about the Spanish inquisition:
    •     My Jewish Learning
    •     Encyclopedia Britannica
    •     Books from PJ Our Way including Secrets from the House of Delgado by Gloria D. Miklowitz and The Boy from Seville by Dorit Orgad
    •     Learn about famous Jewish figures of the time, like Doña Gracia Nasi

Mi Chamocha: Appreciating Miracles through Prayer

Avot V'imahot: Strengthening Relationships through Prayer

  1. Play L'chi Lach by Debbie Friedman, which is about Abraham and Sarah's journey to Canaan
  2. Torah citations for the "Biblical Family Tree" and "Our Ancestors' Relationships with God" activities
  3. Relationship Ketubah template

G'vurot: Finding Strength in Prayer

  • A great resource to learn more about non-profits is Idealist.

K'dushah: Focusing on Holiness

  1. Play L'dor Vador by Josh Nelson

Prayers for Peace: Partnering for a Better World

  • Play Matisiyahu's One Day, which can be seen as a modern example of prayer for peace.
  • Learn more about shalom on My Jewish Learning.

Torah Blessings: Living a Life of Torah

  1. Play It's a Tree of Life by Kol B'Seder
  2. Play Eitz Chayim Hi by Noah Aronson

Aleinu: Praising God

  1. Non-profit organizations for the "Meeting Our Responsibility" activity
    •     Jewish Federations of North America
    •     United Way
    •     American Cancer Society
    •     Anti-Defamation League
    •     Mazon
    •     American Civil Liberties Union
    •     Sierra Club
    •     American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
    •     Make a Wish Foundation
    •     American Heart Association
    •     American Jewish World Service
    •     Kiva
    •     Doctors Without Borders
    •     Jewish National Fund
    •     American Red Cross
    •     Heifer International
    •     Save a Child's Heart
    •     Amnesty International
  2. Maimonides' Ladder of Tzedakah

Shabbat Blessings: Creating Sacred Time

  1. Look on Pinterest for ideas to make your own Kiddush cups, candlesticks, and challah covers

B'rachot: Expressing Gratitude through Prayer