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The Behrman House Golem Plan is an effective, affordable way to keep up with the newest in Jewish education.

Members automatically receive new Behrman House releases as well as invitations to try our latest digital offerings, plus FREE samples of lesson plans from our Online Resource Libraries. Not only can you hold the best books in Jewish education in your own hands and review them at your leisure, you can also be the first to try new digital materials in your school. The Golem Plan is a great way to build your library, identify resources for teachers, and try our newest online tools.

We have two Golem Plan options for you to choose from:

  • Our streamlined, one price, easy-to-budget Golem Express, or
  • Our flexible, pay-as-you-go Regular Golem Plan


How do the plans work?

When you join Golem Express, you will automatically receive a review copy of all the new educational materials we publish as soon as they are released. We typically release new materials three to five times each year. We will bill you ONCE per year, at the time of your first Golem Express shipment. The additional Golem Express shipments will arrive automatically at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. 

In recent years, Golem shipments have cost approximately $149 and $175 per year. Charter Golem Express members will be billed just $99 for the full year. No additional invoices and no shipping charges. Period.

You can start your Golem Express membership at any time. We will send you any materials already shipped this year, along with a single invoice for $99, and put you on the list to receive additional shipments for the rest of the year with no additional charges. Golem Express materials are not returnable.

When you join our Regular Golem Plan, there is no charge. Three to five times each year we will package our newest releases and any samples and ship them automatically. Each shipment of 1-5 titles is invoiced separately at a 30% discount, plus shipping and handling. Each title is returnable. We suggest budgeting approximately $150 for the year to cover the 3-5 packages and the shiping and handling charges, recognizing that individual shipments can vary in size and cost, with the largest shipment typically coming in the spring to help you with your curriculum planning.

What do I do with materials I don’t need for my classes?
Golem materials make outstanding teacher resources—even those who do not use textbooks in class will find flexible, creative ideas they can immediately incorporate into lesson planning. Our occasional featured titles, including storybooks, adult non-fiction, and inspirational writings also make memorable, affordable gifts for teachers or special school volunteers. And again, all materials in the regular Golem Plan are returnable.

What if I change my mind?

If you are on the Regular Golem Plan, just call us at 800-221-2755 or email and we will take you off the Plan.

If you are a Golem Express member, let us know that you do not want to renew your subscription, and we will take you off the list at the end of the year. (Golem Express membership not refundable.)



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