Enrich Your Curriculum Every Month with the Golem Express Plan

The Behrman House Golem Express Plan is an effective, affordable 
way to discover new ways to engage your students. 

This simple, easy-to-budget plan delivers student resources, educator guidebooks, access to story books, and other creative tools directly to your door. The Golem Express Plan is a great way to build
your library, identify new resources for teachers, and get access to timely materials that will enrich your program throughout the year.

How does it work?
When you sign up for Golem Express, we will immediately add you to to our Golem distribution list. You will get a monthly Golem email with resources, access codes, and member-only offers, including digital access to our storybook of the month. Packages with print materials will be billed a once-annual fee of $99, which will renew automatically each July for the upcoming school year. NO other charges, ever.

How do I sign up?
To sign up for the Golem Express Plan, email us here, provide us with all requested information, and we’ll sign you up right away. 

What if I missed the first emails and shipments of the year?
If you’d like more time deciding if the Golem Express Plan is right for you, then take all the time you need. Once we receive your subscription request, we will send out not only the next set of materials but any other Golem materials already sent out this year. We’ll make sure you don’t miss anything.

*Golem Express Plan terms: $99 for the school year, billed in July or at time of sign-up. Additional shipments for the year at no additional charge. Free shipping on all Golem materials. Golem materials are not returnable, but make a valuable addition to your reference library. For those who join mid-year, your first shipment will include all materials previously released for the year. Golem membership fee not refundable.


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