Getting Started in the Online Learning Center

More and more educational directors are creating private, customized spaces in the Online Learning Center for their schools. Some want to create Hebrew classes that give their students online access to exercises and Hebrew-based video games—without CDs. Others want to let their teachers  prepare classes online using their own materials.


If you’re an educational director who has been reading about the benefits of the Online Learning Center and now you want to take action, here are three basic steps to take to get you on your way.


Go to our homepage and click Create Account at the top of the page using the email address you prefer to use when representing your school. (You might already be registered—hundreds of educators who have been using our site for Hebrew practice and other resources already are!) Then submit a Support Ticket and ask to be authorized as an Educational Director in the Online Learning Center representing your school. You'll need to log in first using the email address you used to sign up.


Set aside some time to get familiar with the features of the Online Learning Center. From our homepage, click Learn to Use the Online Learning Center in the menu on the right hand side of the page. Watch the OVERVIEW VIDEO to get a good summary of how the OLC works; watch one or more of our RECORDED WEBINARS to delve a little more deeply; Use our 1-3 minute HOW TO VIDEOS to go step-by-step through the process of setting up your school, inviting teachers, inviting students, making posts, and more (if you prefer printed directions, pdfs are available right on the page for you to download).


Now that you know more about how the Online Learning Center works, try it out!  Click Enter the Online Learning Center from our homepage and log in under the purple heading—be sure to use the same email address you used to sign up! When you see a green button labeled “Take me to my synagogue” click it and begin customizing your space. Still have questions? Refer back to the tutorial page at any time or submit a Support Ticket for even quicker resolution of questions. Once your school is signed up, you’ll be ready to purchase software and teacher licenses, create classes, invite and assign teachers, and get ready to invite students for the fall.


If you are a teacher who wants to try the Online Learning Center for one of your classes, please RECOMMEND the OLC to your educational director. From our homepage click Enter the Online Learning Center and fill out the form under the orange banner. We will contact your educational director as soon as possible.