Parent Materials for the Online Learning Center

Help students succeed in the OLC by ensuring that parents understand what it's all about and are comfortable navigating it.

User Guides and Tutorials for Parents

User's Guide for Students and Parents: Download (PDF file)
How to Create a Classroom Discussion: Watch Video
How to Post a Comment in a Classroom Discussion: Watch Video


Communications to Parents

The following resources can be shared with parents as you being telling parents about the exciting new platform their children will be using.

Sample Letter - Ready Set Go Alef Bet

Sample Letter - Alef Bet Quest

Sample Letter 1 - Kol Yisrael  

Sample Letter 2 - Kol Yisrael

Sample Letter3 - Kol Yisrael


Send the permission form to parents at the beginning of the year. With signed forms in hand, you’ll be able to create student accounts yourself and add students to a central enrollment list for your school with one simple process. Remember to keep signed permission forms for each student in your OLC school.  Parent Permission Form