Free Hebrew Decoding Apps from Behrman House

Learn to read Hebrew FREE with a variety of Hebrew decoding apps from Behrman House.

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Click-n-Read at Home

Web site with full decoding

For use on PC and Macs


Hebrew Karaoke

Sing along with Mama Doni’s new alef-bet song or perform solo (Karaoke-style) with the band as your back up.

For use on iPad and iPhone


Unlimited Alef Bet

Pre-schoolers to 2nd graders learn Hebrew letter shapes and  sounds, and start to build a Hebrew vocabulary

For use on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.


Augmented Reality for Let’s Discover the Alef Bet

The camera on a mobile device or tablet activates digital elements in folders Bet, Dalet, Yud, Shin, and Tav in  Let’s Discover the Alef Bet 

For use on iPad and iPhone.


Kol Yisrael: Batya’s Bubbles

Play, listen, and record eight blessings and prayers (Brachot Shel Shabbat, Kiddush, Shma, V'ahavta, Mi Chamocha, Avot V'Imahot, Torah Blessings, and Aleinu)

For use on iPad


Click-n-Learn Prayer at Home

Practice the key prayers in the Shabbat morning service

For use on PC and Macs


Prayer Practice in the Online Learning Center

Free if you have a school set up in the OLC. No purchase required

For use on PC and Macs