Home Together: Jewish-Themed Activities for Families Right Now

Hello families!

We've pulled together some games, crafts, recipes, and other activities from a variety of Behrman House sources to provide a little oasis of Jewish fun - and a little bit of learning - together. Want to practice some Hebrew or learn a blessing? We've got you covered there too.

We'll be adding more resources regularly, so be sure to check back soon to see what's new.  Choose from the options below.


Do you want to...

Do an activity together?

Practice Hebrew?

Color, play games, or do crafts?

Bake together?

Practice mindfulness together?


Family Activities


-Explore kindness as a family:

     For younger children. 

     For middle grade children.

- Channel your inner creativity. Here's how.


-Explore an underlying theme of Shavuot - perspectives - through art.  Download Shavuot project now. 

     Watch artist Julie Wohl guide you through your own Shavuot art project.

- Tell stories in a fun way. Here's how.  

- Engage the whole family with High Holidays Mad Libs

- Make a Rosh Hashanah memory box. Here's how. 

- Create a Shabbat jar for weekly inspiration. Here's how.


Hebrew Practice

Whether you want your child to keep up their Hebrew skills or want to learn alongside them yourself, here are some tools to help you do just that. 

An app for beginner Hebrew 

Learn Hebrew from scratch or practice emerging skills with Shalom Hebrew, a digital primer that introduces letters and vowels, syllables and words, and offers plenty of practice.

For laptops and mobile devices.

The first five lessons are available FREE from the Apple Store, Amazon App store,or Google Play. Just download the app.

The full app, with 24 lessons, is only available from our online store




Learn prayers through music  

Let dozens of today's top Jewish musicians take you on a journey to explore core Hebrew prayers. 

Choose from among 22 prayers and learn what each one means and why we say it, and learn to sing it from traditional and alternate melodies. Practice reading the prayer one word or line at a time. Plus, games! 

For laptops and mobile devices. 

Two key home-based prayers - Sh'ma and Friday night Kiddush - are free when you  download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. (The other 20 prayers are available as an in-app purchase.) Explore the two free prayers now.

Build a blessing

Learn the Hebrew letters and the basic building blocks of Jewish prayer at the same time. The Alef-Bet of Blessing is  organized around the letters that form the six words that start most blessings: Baruch Atah Adonai, Eloheinu Melech ha’olam.

Ideal for families because of the free audio companion in which each page of the book is available in a read-aloud format that reinforces proper pronunciation.

Explore a sample now.
Listen to the audio companion now.

Hebrew around the house

Use this set of 285 word cards in multiple ways:

- Hang them around the house to label and learn how to say common words. Enlarge them and laminate. 

-Print out two sets and use to play a memory game

-Print them out double sided for use as flash cards.

Download the word cards



Gamify Hebrew Practice

Card games are fun.

And fun = practice = learning.

Learn letters or vowels or prayers using decks of cards to play more than 10 different games, including Go Fish, Memory, War, Bingo, Gin Rummy, Crazy 8s, and more.

Play one-on-one or in teams. Well-suited for intergenerational play. 

Explore now. 

Click and Read

Practice reading Hebrew as you hear each word read aloud. 

Note: This feature is currently only usable on computers and laptops, and will be updated for other devices in mid-October. 

Explore now.



Click and Pray

Practice reading prayers as you hear each word read aloud.

Explore now. 


Coloring, Games, and Crafts

Printable pages for all ages





Shofar and apple


Holiday-themed thank you cards



Try three beginner crosswords from Kosher Crosswords. The 68 crosswords included in this book get progressively more difficult—from light and easy to seriously tough. We’ve included the answer keys here in case you need help!

Download here.



Printable journaling pages for tweens

Alien Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Happy thoughts

View from your window

What's annoying




Have fun together in the kitchen with these easy recipes. 

Mt. Sinai Cake

Chocolate Chip Challah



Mindfulness Practices

Nancy Siegel is an educational consultant specializing in mindfulness education for both adults and children.

Breathing Ball

Here's a wonderful mindfulness exercise to do with children.

As a great visual, the Hoberman Sphere/Breathing Ball helps children get in touch with the breath, making them feel more relaxed, centered, and calm. Be sure to listen to the chirping birds in the background.


This very calming mindfulness exercise that kids absolutely love comes from Kundalini Yoga. Use it anytime children feel anxious or fearful; for example, before a test, when in a disagreement with a sibling or friend, or before bedtime to help them fall asleep.


Heart Breathing

For children to stop and feel their beating heart is an offering of gratitude. Teaching them this from a young age is a powerful gift that they will carry with them the rest of their lives.


Balloon Breathing

This simple anatomy lesson teaches children about their lungs and how deep breaths get oxygen flowing through their bodiees.