Begin Your School Year with Relaxation, Laughter, and Coloring Books

Written by Behrman House Staff, 01 of August, 2017
Oy Vey! A Yiddish Coloring Book? Meet Author Meish Goldish

Along with six storybooks from Apples & Honey Press, Behrman House has just released two new coloring books, sure to bring mindfulness and maybe a laugh or two to your busy day.

New to our Shalom Coloring series is Shalom Coloring III: Animals of the Bible. Each powerful design draws on inspiration from nature and matches with a biblical passage to offer relaxation and meaning in the sacred text.This new coloring collection features 34 stunning depictions of Biblical animal stories that have inspired generations. From Rebekah drawing water for camels, to Jonah's refuge inside the whale, to Daniel in the lion's den, each coloring page is paired with its corresponding Biblical passages, and evokes tales that are mythic and inspiring. Walk your students through illustrating Torah portions or take the book outside for a quiet moment in nature.

Ready for something so funny you’ll plotz? Oy Vey! A Yiddish Coloring Book? offers adult fun to escape from the daily mishigas. No, it doesn't matter if you've always been a klutz with color. This is the book for you, I tell you. The 34 coloring pages feature Yiddish words and expressions illustrated by Shalom Coloring artist Freddie Levin and accompanying jokes  by award-winning author Meish Goldish. Add to your Yiddish vocabulary and share a joke with friends as you sketch your way through this fun and entertaining coloring book. So nu? What are you waiting for?

While some children may enjoy Oy Vey!, the humor in it addresses an adult audience and the book does include some colorful Yiddish expressions you may consider less appropriate for children. We therefore recommend it for adults -  gift it to new teachers, start a congregational coloring group, or treat yourself to a moment of quiet coloring (and chuckling) before teaching or settling into that staff meeting.


Oy Vey! A Yiddish Coloring Book? and Shalom Coloring III: Animals of the Bible are now available on Amazon.

Download a free coloring page from Shalom Coloring III: Animals of the Bible.

Download a free coloring page from Oy Vey! A Yiddish Coloring Book?