Behrman House Launches Web and OLC Redesign

Written by Behrman House Staff, 14 of December, 2016
How to Get Help with the Online Learning Center

Behrman House recently kicked off the first phase of a design overhaul to the website and Online Learning Center. The redesign process, which will take many months, will help us create a simple, fresh, and engaging digital portal where you can share, learn, and play. We'll be making things simpler and clearer for educators, teachers, students, parents, and families to find and use all our great content from any device, any time.

Our internal team is working closely with our friends at the development studio FFW to bring you the most advanced digital Jewish education experience ever created.

As always, we will be reaching out to many of you for your ideas and suggestions about what works for you on our site (and what could work better!), and will be holding user testing sessions during the process as well. Stay tuned in the months ahead for more details. We hope you will take advantage of surveys, call, and other opportunities we will be sharing inorder to find out how our site can do more of waht you need it to do.