Beyond Apples and Honey: Free Kindle Chapter

Written by Behrman House Staff, 08 of July, 2014
Big Ideas for Part Time Jewish Education

Jewish education is always changing and we want to help you stay ahead with a free Kindle edition of a chapter from The Ultimate Jewish Teacher's Handbook.

Chapter One: Beyond the Apples and Honey outlines the importance of updating Jewish teaching techniques so that they are more effective in giving students enduring understandings of core Jewish values and issues. 

A very important lesson from this chapter is how to expand past the "apple curriculum", activity-based learning that is fun but soon forgotten because of its fragmentation. 

By building a curriculum on big ideas, educators are teaching understanding rather than facts. You can practice this in many ways including:

- Deepen your understanding of your subject matter

- Spend time with other educators discussing your "big ideas" for your curriculum

- Base learning activities focused on the bid ideas for your curriculum. 

To read the full chapter to turn teaching into learning get your free Kindle chapter here.

The Ultimate Jewish Teacher's Handbook is a complete and comprehensive resource for teachers, new and experienced alike, and offers a "big picture" look at the goals of Jewish education, while taking into consideration specific denominational and communal settings. Chapters on the nuts and bolts of curriculum planning, creating learning environments suitable for a wide range of student populations, and exploring a variety of instructional models are enhanced with vignettes that bring to life the issues teachers face every day. Order your copy now!