Coming Soon: Hineni for the OLC

Written by Behrman House Staff, 25 of July, 2014
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The Hineni series has been a long time favorite for teaching prayer with meaning. You've been asking and soon we will introduce Hineni for the Online Learning Center!

Seven modules will feature 35 prayers and blessings, including:

Sh'ma  Brachot Shel Shabbat Havdalah 
Kiddush Barchu   Mi Chamocha
V'ahavta Ma'ariv Aravim    Yotzer Or 
Avot V'lmahot   G'vurot  K'dushah
Shalom Rav   Sim Shalom Oseh Shalom
Shalom Aleichem   Ki Mitziyon Birchot HaTorah
Birchot Hahaftarah V'zot HaTorah Eitz Hayyim hi
Ein Kamocha Av Harachamim  Aleinu
Kaddish Ein Keloheinu Rosh Hashnnah blessings
Sukkot blessings Hanukkah blessings  Pesach blessings
Mah Nishtanah Purim blessings  Mezuzah blessing

Each module will include matching prayer booklets. The holiday's module will come with downloadable PDF's.

Hineni for the OLC provides online reading practice with reinforcing online games. The online components will feature recordable options and will work across your devices, letting students practice anywhere, anytime. 

The Hineni for the OLC will be available January of 2015, but you can get a sneak peak earlier by beign a tester. Contact us to sign up to be a Hineni OLC tester and to get more information about the new Hineni.