Coming Soon: A Whole New Way to Get Tech Help

Written by Behrman House Staff, 22 of May, 2012

Do you need help using our website, shopping cart, learning software, Resource Libraries, or Online Learning Center? Is something not working the way you expected? Soon you will be able to report your questions to or request support directly from our IT staff at Behrman House and get automatic updates on the answers using our new Support Ticket System.

The Support Ticket System will go live early this summer, and can be used by anyone—educators, teachers, students and parents.

The Support Ticket System will log your question or request, alert our IT staff, and track it until you get an answer. Our IT staff will email you directly with answers, or follow up by phone to get additional information.

And of course, we will continue to provide Webinars, Video Tutorials and FAQs on our website to provide you and your staff with all the help you need using today’s educational technology.