Guideposts for Experiential Learning

Written by Vicki Weber, RJE, 02 of June, 2011

Ready-to-use lesson plans help teachers guide students in active exploration of Judaism’s essential questions.

A robust set of lesson plans, coupled with a well-written, carefully designed book, forms the core of a rich and meaningful curriculum that provides relevant, engaging experiential opportunities PLUS the context needed to foster reflection, discover meaning, and create personal connection.

It also makes your professional life simple by reducing prep time.

We have created five sets of ready-to-use lesson plans that make it simple to implement a full basic Judaism curriculum—Holidays, Israel, Torah, Jewish Values, and Bible—in your elementary grades using some of our most popular student books.

Each lesson plan guides the teacher, step-by-step, through a  40- to 50-minute class, providing essential questions, learning objectives, kick-off activities, suggested readings, engaging experiential components, and relevant technology tools. Assessment tools for each subject are included in the lesson plans as well.

Combined with the matching Student Editions of each book, these lesson plans can help you implement an effective, experiential, and meaningful one-to five-year basic Judaism curriculum in your school, almost instantly.  They will allow teachers to plan quickly and feel confident about the material so they can focus on their roles as guides and mentors.

It’s a simple way to create a powerful experience. 

And now, for a limited time, you can get these lesson plans PLUS all the materials you need to offer a full-year class in each of these subjects--with engaging experiential components--all in one box at HUGE savings.

Curriculum in a Box: Mount a full-year program in any of five subject areas for up to ten students at HUGE savings. Each box includes teacher planning and student classroom materials PLUS a variety of enrichment materials. Teach Jewish Holidays (Each Holiday Curriculum Box supports one teacher and an entire third grade class of ten students AND their families using supplemental materials for parents that are also included. Just $175 per box.); Israel for grade 2 or 3 (Supports one teacher and up to 10 students, $159.50 per box); Torah for grade 3 or 4 (Supports one teacher and up to 10 students, $159.50 per box); Jewish Values for grade 4 or 5 (Supports one teacher and up to ten students, $159.50 per box), and Bible for grade 4 or 5 (Supports one teacher and up to 10 students, $159.50 per box).  Additional matching student materials are available separately. Find out more.

Don't need the full package? We are also offering great savings for a limited time on just the planning materials:

Teacher Planning Packs: Get extraordinary savings on our step-by-step lesson plans together with a teacher copy of the matching student material. Choose from Holidays, Israel, Torah, Jewish Values, and Bible, just $24.95 each. Additional matching student materials are available separately. Find out more.