Hebrew in Harmony Spring Webinars

Written by Behrman House Staff, 07 of February, 2017

Register now for our three spring webinars to help you best use Hebrew in Harmony.

1.    Basic Introduction to Hebrew in Harmony

For educators considering the Hebrew in Harmony program

Thursday, February 23, 2017
1:00-1:40 pm EST
Presenter: Terry Kaye

Heard the buzz about Hebrew in Harmony? Considering it for your school? In this basic introduction to Hebrew in Harmony,  you’ll learn: 

* The goals of the program

* The benefits of teaching through music

* The three components of the curriculum (all essential!)

* How the digital companion works

We’ll also hear from educators currently using the program—successes and challenges. Come experience Hebrew in Harmony for yourself! As a follow-up we’ll send you an at-a-glance chart with the goals, Enduring Understandings, and key learning items.

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2.    For Teachers: How to Use Hebrew in Harmony

For teachers who will be using Hebrew in Harmony next year 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017
1:00-1:40 pm EST
Presenter: Terry Kaye

So you’re going to be teaching Hebrew in Harmony next year? Exciting! Now you’ll want to know what to expect and how to prepare. In this 40-minute webinar, you’ll learn: 

* The goals of the program

* The three components of the curriculum (all essential!)

* How the Curriculum Core will make your work easier

* How to run a lesson — from the “start” activity when kids arrive, through the music and movement, to using the journal, and finally to the wrap-up activity. You’ll see how it all integrates with the digital application too.

As a follow-up we’ll send you “5 Tips for Success in Hebrew in Harmony.”

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3.    Online Learning Center Refresher

For education directors currently using or planning to use Hebrew in Harmony or Shalom Hebrew Digital next year

Tuesday, April 25, 2017
1:00-1:40 pm EST

The digital companion is an essential part of Hebrew in Harmony. It’s got the music, the videos, online Hebrew reading practice, games, and prayer pages to personalize. Want to know how to access the digital in the Online Learning Center? In this OLC refresher we’ll show you:

* How to set up your school’s OLC

* How to invite teachers into your OLC and register students

* How to create classes and add the learning software

* How the digital app and the OLC are related

We’ll show you some new tools for easy OLC set-up and will give you the advance help you need to use the OLC successfully. This webinar is also ideal for people using or considering Shalom Hebrew Digital. As a follow-up we’ll send you PDFs and videos to share with your teachers and administrators.

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We welcome your colleagues too. Please let them know!

For more information about any of these webinars, contact Terry.