Make Your Teachers OLC Experts

Written by Behrman House Staff, 20 of August, 2013
New Permission Slip Puts You in Charge of Student Sign Up in the OLC
New OLC Features Mean a Faster, Simpler Start to the School Year

You’ve created your school in the Online Learning Center and ordered your learning materials or teacher licenses. Now how do you QUICKLY train your teachers so they are CONFIDENT using the OLC and brimming with GOOD IDEAS?

Contact us for a private—and customized—session in which we will provide:

1.       A step-by-step guide: how to post discussions in your classes, how to use the Hebrew licensed software, how to track student progress

2.       Fun Hebrew activities for students of different abilities

3.       Ways to keep absent learners up to date with the rest of the class

4.       Other best practices from successful OLC members

We do our training by webinar (usually one hour is the right amount of time) or in person. Contact Terry Kaye for a free personal consultation in which we’ll determine together what kind of training is best for you and your staff.

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