New Releases to Jump Start Your Passover Planning

Written by Behrman House Staff, 10 of January, 2017
How to Host an Inclusive Passover Seder

Passover will be here before you know it — and we are releasing some new materials to make your planning a bit smoother.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed if you aren't sure where to start or frustrated if you're using the same materials you used last year. Whether you're discussing the holiday with young learners or you're planning a seder that includes the children in your life, our Passover titles from Behrman House and Apples & Honey Press are sure to help.


Children's Historical Fiction:

 The Passover Cowboy
 By Barbara Diamond Goldin
 Illustrated by Gina Capaldi
 Apples & Honey Press

"Faster, faster," Jacob urged his pony, Rosa. He had to hurry now.

 It was getting late, and Passover was starting tonight!

 Until last year, Jacob and his family had lived in Russia, where he and his friends would run in and out of each other's  homes, one house right next to the other. But now his family had moved to Argentina, and to Jacob, it seemed that friends  were harder to find in this new land. Could his new friend Benito join them for the seder? Would he? Could a Passover  meal here in Argentina — with cowboys, ponchos, chickens, and horses — feel like home, too?


Children's Nonfiction:

 How It's Made: Matzah
By Allison Ofanansky 
 Photography by Eliyahu Alpern
 Apples & Honey Press

 How is matzah made?

 When and why do we eat it?
 What is Passover, anyway?

 Meet the people who make matzah — by hand or in factories — and see how they keep to the strict 18-minute  limit, mirroring the Israelites' race against time over 2,000 years ago. Find out how the matzah-making process is more than just mixing flour with water, and shows us the value of doing things together.

Bake your own matzah, decorate an Elijah's cup and grow your own greens. Watch it all unfold with more than 100 stunning photos that reveal a fascinating world behind the scenes. 

Family Haggadah:

 The Family and Frog Haggadah
 By Rabbi Ron Isaacs and Karen Rostoker-Gruber
 Illustrations by Jackie Urbanovic
 Behrman House

 Make your seder different from all other seders! Start with a traditional Haggadah text, add vibrant artwork, your favorite  songs, and fun facts to it. Then add a hopping frog to its pages, and you'll get...

 The Family and Frog Haggadah!

 Pass on your timeless heritage while creating new seder traditions that you and your family will look forward to repeating  year after year.


Books are to be released February 15th and are currently available from Amazon for pre-order. Visit our Apples & Honey Press website soon for free teacher resources.