No Wireless for Online Hebrew Practice? No Problem.

Written by Behrman House Staff, 29 of March, 2016
Shalom Hebrew OLC App Now Available
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Want children to practice Hebrew but the wifi in your building is, um, spotty at best? 

The Shalom Hebrew OLC App provides a reliable way to learn decoding, Hebrew letters, vowels, and keywords—on any device. Designed as a universal app, it can be used on any PC or Mac desktop; laptops; tablets; or smartphones. Now students can practice Hebrew at home, school or on the go – on any device!

Developed in conjunction with the Jewish Journey Project, Shalom Hebrew OLC App comes packed with engaging features, interactive reading exercises that can be recorded and reviewed by educators, and more than a dozen games, The app makes learning to read Hebrew fun AND effective for students of all ages. The app can be linked to student online accounts in our Online Learning Center and lets students choose where they wish to practice—at home, at school, or even in the car—and still allows their progress and recordings to be saved centrally.

Shalom Hebrew OLC App follows the same structure, organization, and pedagogy of the Shalom Uvrachah materials: Shalom Uvrachah and Shalom Uvrachah Primer Express (3rd and 4th graders), and Shalom Hebrew (5th grade and up). Each of the 25 lessons can be used as a supplement to the Shalom Uvrachah materials or even other primers for additional Hebrew practice, or used completely independently.

Order it now from our online store through the end of April and try it FREE for 12 months! 

After ordering, students can simply download the mobile version and log in using their Behrman House/OLC credentials for full access.