OLC Secret New Feature: Review Student List

Written by Behrman House Staff, 06 of August, 2015
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OLC Secret New Feature: Get a Head Start

Organizing is key for a successful start to a new school year and the Online Learning Center just gained a new feature to help you organize your students' accounts.

Education Directors* now have the power to see the entire student list to check for duplicate accounts and remove non-returning students. Here's How:

  1. Once you are logged into your Behrman House online account, type www.behrmanhouse.com/mysyn in your browser.
  2. Click 'Members of my synagogue'
  3. To view just your students,select 'Students' under 'Use Role' and click 'Apply'
  4. This will bring up a complete list of students enrolled in your OLC Synagogue

Education Directors can then export the list by clicking the 'XLS' button at the bottom of the list to distribute to teachers. 

As you prepare your space, remember that the OLC goes beyond at-home Hebrew practice and learning. It is also perfect for trying new educational models, including organizing materials for flipped and distance learning, giving students space to organize and document projects in a PBL model, and for creating asynchronous discussions in which students from several classes can participate. Using the OLC for these purposes is FREE for you, your teachers, and your students. It’s a useful and effective experimental platform for your school.  

We are always at work making the Online Learning Center work better for you. Your comments help -- simply click the green "Feedback" button from any page in the OLC and let us know about your experiences and any new features that would improve your experience. 

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