Save and Save Again: Adding Students to Classes in the OLC

Written by Behrman House Staff, 17 of October, 2014
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Many of us are well into the school year and have Online Learning Center classes up and running. In fact nearly 3,000 students and 480 teachers have already logged in this year and begun practicing and posting online. And more are getting started.

To help you with the late additions to your classes, here is a refresher for adding students to existing classes in the OLC.

You've provided your parents with the parent permission form and entered the child into the school; now what?

In your dashboard, you will select 'Edit' in the classroom to which you wish to add the student.

All of the students in your online school will appear in an alphabetical list in the white box within the peach box. Click on the student's name, which will then highlight green, to add him or her to the classroom. You will see the student's name appear on the right hand side of the peach box.

(Important: If you are using a digital companion in your OLC class you need to have licenses available for all the students you wish to add. Need more materials? Call us!)

Once you have added all the new students, scroll to the bottom of the page to save your classroom.

There's just one more step!

When you click save, you will be taken to another page that displays all the names of students who are already in this class. Now scroll to the bottom of this page and save again. (This second page is there in case you need to make adjustments to the licenses for other students in the class.)

You have now successfully entered students into your classroom.

Need additional assistance? You can find our user guides here or call customer support at 973-379-7200. 

We are always at work making the Online Learning Center work better for you. Your comments help -- simply click the green "Feedback" button from any page in the OLC and let us know about your experiences and any new features that would improve your experience. 

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