Shalom Hebrew App Helps Sharpen Skills on the Go

Written by Behrman House Staff, 23 of August, 2016
Shalom Hebrew OLC App Now Available

This summer, Hebrew skills can be sharper than ever with our Shalom Hebrew Digital app, a digital primer that provides fun - and portable - language practice anywhere, anytime.

Shalom Hebrew Digital App provides a reliable way to reinforce visual and auditory Hebrew recognition—on any device. Created in conjunction with the Jewish Journey Project, Shalom Hebrew Digital App is packed with engaging features, interactive reading exercises that can be recorded and reviewed by educators, and more than a dozen games. 

Created as a universal app, it can be used on any PC or Mac desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. For students in the Online Learning Center, the app links to student accounts and allows their progress and recordings to be saved centrally, no matter where they practice—at home, at school, or even in the car.

Hebrew reading is a skill, and brain-based research shows that even five minutes a day of practice will lead to increased confidence and stronger skills. The more opportunities your students have to practice Hebrew reading, the more proficient they will become. Learn more here.

What does that look like? This valuable digital tool was designed as a companion to any of the Shalom Uvrachah materials, so in a school setting for example, you could read together the pages from introducing a new letter, and if you have iPads, then give students a chance to record themselves reading the Hebrew.

At home, the online practice material can extend the amount of Hebrew learning time. Parents do not need to read Hebrew themselves for their children to use the app!

Keeping decoding skills sharp becomes increasingly important as students move into their bnei mitzvah years. Students can work with Shalom Hebrew in various settings—in class, at home, in tutoring sessions, or via distance learning—on any kind of device—tablets, smartphones, or laptops—either individually or with a partner.

Shalom Hebrew Digital App can also be used on its own for Hebrew reinforcement, for young day school students or even adults. For example, Daniel, a 7-year-old day school student in New Jersey, used Shalom Hebrew on his mom's iPad this summer to practice his Hebrew reading skills before starting second grade next week. "I like Shalom Hebrew because the games are fun and they help me with my Hebrew," he says. "It's fun to record myself and hear what I sound like."

View a demo of the app here. There's also a free Educator's Guide to Using Shalom Hebrew Digital App, available for download here


How to Get the Shalom Hebrew Digital App

Apple users, don't forget to check your settings! You'll find a new update waiting for you that will make learning Hebrew even easier. Are you an Android user? Keep an eye out — that update will be available in a few weeks.