Sign Up for Golem Express 2018 Today!

Written by Behrman House Staff, 18 of December, 2017

If you're looking to preview the newest materials in Jewish education, Golem Express is a simple, easy-to-budget plan that delivers the latest student journals, educator guidebooks, liturgical handbooks, and more directly to your door. 

How does it work?
Your organization is billed a once-annual fee of $99 for the full year, billed with the first shipment. All additional packages arrive automatically with no additional charges and free shipping.

How to sign up?
In the past several years, the value of Golem shipments has been between $149-175 per year. So you can be the first to see new releases while saving all year long. To sign up for Golem Express, email us here, provide us with all requested information, and we’ll sign you up right away. Already subscribed with the regular Golem Plan? Let us hear that you’d like to save with Golem Express.

What if I missed the first shipment?
If you’d like more time deciding if Golem Express is right for you, then take all the time you need. Once we receive your subscription request, we will send out not only the next box but all Golem Express boxes already sent out that year. We’ll make sure you don’t miss anything.

If you prefer the flexibility of the regular Golem Plan, no worries. You can keep it just the way it has been. Under the regular Golem Plan, you will still receive the latest materials as we publish them at a 30% discount, plus shipping. Materials are billed as they are shipped (three to five times per year), regular UPS shipping rates apply for each shipment, and all items are returnable.

*Golem Express Plan terms: $99 for the calendar year, billed at time of first shipment. Additional shipments for the year at no additional charge. Free shipping on all Golem Express materials. Golem Express materials are not returnable, but make a valuable addition to your reference library. For those who join mid-year, your first shipment will include all materials previously released for the year. Golem Express membership fee not refundable.