Student Group OLC Registration Now Available

Written by Behrman House Staff, 03 of May, 2016

You've been asking. We've answered. Education directors can now upload student lists in groups to the Online Learning Center using an Excel spreadsheet. Your days of registering students one by one are over.

In advance of the 2016-2017 school year, we've made it simpler for large schools to administer their online learning space. 

Now when you register students in the OLC, you'll see a new option to perform a Bulk Upload.

From there, simply follow the on-screen directions to load an Excel file with your students' information. 

That's it. Your entire student OLC registration done at once, leaving you plenty of time to focus on planning a great year.

Not using the OLC? It might be time to revisit. The OLC also has a variety of new learning features, including free prayer practice, a fast-paced Hebrew letter game, and a virtual Hebrew keyboard. Did you know that the OLC platform is FREE? You can create a class online and upload your own materials—YouTube videos, MP3 files, photos, word documents, pdfs, links to online resources, and more—to enrich Jewish learning. in your community. The posting and commenting features embedded in the OLC let you create a variety of projects and experiences. The site also provides an excellent vehicle for learners to post and show their work as a virtual portfolio to demonstrate evidence of learning—perfect for expeditions and project-based learning experiences.