Why Jingles Work

Written by Behrman House Staff, 01 of March, 2016
Mindfulness and the Brain

You know how those silly jingles you hear on the radio or TV stay in your head for hours? There's a reason some work so well - and it has to do with memory and emotion.

Companies use jingles to help customers remember their business name and products. Songs in commercials can help put listeners in a good mood, which they then associate with the company. 

For example, when FreeCreditReport.com released its commercials with those catchy songs, it saw a 20%  increase in website memberships. 

What can we learn from these catchy commercials?

We know that music taps into long-term memory, and through repetition, music can help students not only learn Hebrew and prayers, but also remember them. 

Our soon-to-be-released Hebrew in Harmony curriculum focuses on music as a means to encourage students to create meaning from personal and communal prayer. The flowing words help students learn Hebrew through the music!

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