Our Place in the Universe: Further Resouces

Chapter 1

Creation and the Environment
Creation Stories
How Old is our Universe
Tower of Babel: The Story
Tower of Babel: The Structure
Tower of Babel: The History
Saudi Arabia’s Mile High Tower
China’s Three Gorges Dam
New World Trade Center
European Parliament
Sydney Opera House

Chapter 2
Psalm 104: Video/The Beauty of Nature (video)
About Tefillah & B’rachot
A Unique Blessing
Sh’mitah: Laws
Sh’mitah: NPR Interview
Sh’mitah: A Modern Context
Sh'mita: Orthodox Perspective
Sh'mitah: Conservative Perspective

Chapter 3
Spotted Owl
Endangered Species: Photos
Endangered and/ Extinct Species: Map
PETA on Animal Experimentation
Sh'chita: Jewish Ritual Slaughter
Sh'chitah: Explained
Article: When Ritual Slaughter Isn’t Kosher
Meat Production and Human Rights
Fishing Game

Chapter 4
Water: MIT Research
Water: CBS News Coverage
100+ Ways to Conserve Water
20 ways to save water
Water: Games and Activities
Water: Conservation in Israel
Israel’s Climate
The Nile River: Irrigation
The Nile River: History
Water Conservation Ideas

Chapter 5
Food Waste
Sugary Drink Ban
The Story of Stuff (video)
Global Warming: Class Experiment
Global Warming (video)
Walking School Bus
Global Warming for Kids
Kids vs. Global Warming
A.A. Milne: Facing an Overwhelming Task

Chapter 6
Genetically Modified Food
Genetic Engineering
Cross-bred animals (video)
Ideas for Classroom Science Experiments

Chapter 7
Hula Valley (video)
Ecosystems Game
Hula Valley: Cranes and Agriculture
Hula Valley: Cranes (video)
The Lorax (Movie Trailer)
Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu
Sustainable Development (Powerpoint)
Earth Charter Initiative
Isabella Freedman Retreat Center
Pearlstone Center
Jewish Farm School
Kibbutzim and Sustainable Development

The Book

Our Place in the Universe

Our Place in the Universe

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