Blessings and Baby Steps with Ilana Grinblat

Ilana Grinblat

Ilana Grinblat, 29 of June, 2011

Listen to Rabbi Grinblat read from Blessings and Baby Steps, which charts the spiritual journey of parenthood from pregnancy through preschool. Rabbi Grinblat shows parents a way to see the daily chores of parenting in a whole new light. "A wonderful read for anyone who has a child, is a child, or cares about children. Great for the Jewish parent, great for the Presbyterian parent, and even the skeptic." --Dr. Fran Walfish, Child and Family Psychotherapist

The Tapestry of Jewish Time: A Spiritual Guide to Holidays and LIfe Cycle Events

Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin

Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin, 11 of May, 2011

Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin--writing as a religious leader, friend, neighbor, wife, mother, and daughter--guides us toward a fuller understanding of Judaism. Listen to her read selections from her book.

Floating Takes Faith with Rabbi David Wolpe

Rabbi David Wolpe

Rabbi David Wolpe, 11 of May, 2011

We are taught to study, to learn, and to let ourselves grow Jewishly. But where does being the "people of the book" get us in the real world? Listen to Rabbi Wolpe read selections from his collection of essays.