Values in Exodus

Jewish Values in Exodus: If I Could Ask Miriam

Chapter 1

Shifrah and Puah: About the midwives

Video: Anti-Bullying / Israel

Video: Israeli president speaks about racism

Chapter 2

More Information for Values In Action:

·         Mark Zuckerberg

·         Drake   

·         Sarah Silverman

·         Scarlett Johansson

·         List of Jewish leaders

About the Midrash

Chapter 3

Video:  Let My People Go.

About the spiritual: Go Down Moses

Articles about the freedom music that is shared by both the Jewish and African American communities:

·         The Forward

·         The Jewish Journal


More Information for Values In Action:

·         Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

·         Ruth Bader Ginsburg

·         Rabbi Jill Jacobs

·         Natan Sharansky,

·         Stav Shaffir


Chapter 4

Video: Debbie Friedman’s “Miriam’s Song

Why it is important to be thankful, and how it can help people feel happier.

Video: 100 Blessings

Article: 100 Blessings

About the Talmud

Insights into the questions raised in the exercise, “Rabbi’s Corner”.   

Practicing gratitude in our daily lives  

Chapter 5

Insights into what it means to be God’s chosen people:

·         The language used in the Bible and Jewish prayers regarding the Jewish people’s special relationship with God and what it means.

·         Discussion of the historical development of the idea of the chosen people.

·         Article by Rabbi Alan Lurie: An explanation of why being God’s chosen people does not mean the Jews are superior to others.

·         Article by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks:  On what it means to be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.

·         Article by Rabbi Jill Jacobs:  About Israelites committing, “We will do” before the Israelites know what they are committing to doing.

The 10 commandments:

·         As statements rather than commandments

·         The relevance of the Ten Commandments

·         Different versions of the Ten Commandments.

Chapter 6

Insights on how forgiveness can benefit the person forgiving

About Rwanda following the 1994 genocide

About South Africa following apartheid

About Maimonides   



The Groning Case:

·         The case of Oscar Groning

·         The story of how one Auschwitz survivor embraced and forgave Groning   

·         Discussion of whether there are some people who should not be forgiven

Chapter 7

On the benefits of giving