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Research on Hebrew Reading [PDF] by Dina Maiben

Hebrew is FUNdamental Webinar [Video] or [Powerpoint slideshow]

Online Learning Center

Introduction to Hebrew in the Online Learning Center [Video]

Step by Step - Hebrew Decoding in the Online Learning Center with Alef Bet Quest [Video]

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Hebrew Assessment: Essential, Effective, and Easy as 1,2,3

Alef Bet Quest Online Assessment (for CDs only)

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Alef Bet Quest EZ User Guide [PDF]

How to Use Alef Bet Quest [Video]

How to Use Alef Bet Quest and Kol Yisrael Webinar [Video] - for CD edition

Frequently Asked Questions [PDF]

Educator/Teacher Resources

Alef Bet Quest Letter to Parents [Word] - for CD edition

Alef Bet Quest Letter to Parents [Word] - for Online Learning Center edition

Student/Parent Resources

How to download a second copy of the Alef Bet Quest software (for CD edition)

Alef Bet Quest was named by the Association of Educational Publishers as the winner of its 2010 Distinguished Achievement Award in World Language.