Sam the Detective's Reading Readiness Book

With Our Compliments: Teaching Guide for Sam the Detective's Reading Readiness Book   This document is being made available in Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) format.    

In the Classroom

Hebrew Assessment: Essential, Effective, and Easy as 1-2-3   Steps for assessing Hebrew progress online, automatically and in real time     Imagine a pilot trying to land a plane without being able to see the runway, and without a compass to keep on course. Flying blind.

In the Classroom: Case Study

How Shalom Ivrit Works in Our Day School By Dr. Lenore C. Kipper, RJE  

Celebrate with Israelis.

How To: Invite Israelis to talk about different parts of Israeli society, such as the army or a kibbutz. Consider inviting Israeli teenagers so that your studentscan connect with young Israelis. Make sure to emphasize that Israelis come from all different backgrounds. Your invitations to Israeli speakers can take into account the diverse demographic make-up of the Jewish homeland. You might also invite local Israel activists to teach students how to advocate forIsrael. Encourage your students and their families to become involved!

Red Rooster Group Partners Behrman House Consulting Group

Behrman House is a recognized publisher of distinguished Jewish educational materials used in schools throughout North America and in English-speaking countries around the world. Serving the educational needs of Jewish organizations for 90 years, they recognized the value they could bring to organizations in other ways, from staff development, to marketing and fundraising, and formed the Behrman House Consulting Group.

Technology and the Learning Challenged Child

I am very interested in how educators use technology when working with children with learning challenges, particularly mild learning issues involving processing. Do you find that, for example, children with auditory processing are more engaged, are they at times overstimulated? What has been your experience? Thank you, Rachel Sesser

Using wikis

At Neveh Channah Girls High School at the Etzion Bloc, Israel, we have been using wikis for class projects and even as a virtual classroom. We use the free education wikispaces wikis which suport Hebrew as well as English and other languages. Here is our wiki book for Parshat Shavua done by our tenth grade girls - Here is the wiki prepared by our students to prepare for the matriculation exam (bagrut) in Tanach -

How do you use technology in your school?

Would you like to share with your colleagues ways you use technology in your school? Perhaps you: Use Skype to reach students and their families. Do teacher training and professional development via webinar. Use SmartBoards in your classrooms. Upload kid-created videos to YouTube or or other video sharing sites. Use your iPhone or iPod for teaching. ...or any other cool technologies you've tried that work great with students and their parents.

Teach Israel

Experience Modern Israel

New from Behrman House. Fly to Israel without a plane ticket.

Discover Israel

Let's Discover Israel

Offer younger children an exciting and age-appropriate introduction to the Jewish homeland