Get Cooking! A Jewish American Family Cookbook

Get Cooking!

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So much more than a Jewish holiday cookbook, Get Cooking: A Jewish American Family Cookbook is a full year of celebration of Jewish food and culture.

Packed with holiday activities, jokes, and rockin’ tunes on a free CD from popular Jewish children’s musician Mama Doni, this celebration of Jewish American culture also makes a Jewish connection to secular holidays, to show how our American lives and our Jewish lives intersect.

Co-author Recipe Rachel includes modern reinterpretations of classic recipes, sure-fire kid-pleasers, and New Jewish Cuisine with a worldy spin to please a wide range of tastes. Straightforward directions, cooking tips, and mouth-watering photos make the recipes appealing and accessible to young cooks.


Rockin' Mama Doni Celebration CD

Track listing:

1. Mama Doni's Welcome
2. Get Ready, Get Set, Get Cooking!
3. Shabbat in My House
4. Shabbat Shaboom
5. My Shabbat Candles
6. Challah Day
7. Rosh Hashanah Joke
8. Shofar Blowin' Band
9. The Lulav Shake
10. Synagoguersize
11. Thanksgiving Thank-You
12. Chanukah Fever
13. Latke Man
14. A Land Called Sufganiyot
15. New Year’s Eve Countdown

16. Tu BiShevat Tree Love Song
17. Hey Man
18. Costume Conundrum
19. The Kooky Cookie
20. April Fool's Jokes
21. My Mishpocha
22. Matzo Pizza
23. Rasta in Pasta
24. Mission Immatzoble
25. Falafafull
26. Jewish Cowgirl
27. Happy Birthday to You
28. Mama of Valor
29. Get Cooking Goodbye