Helpful Hints for Kol Yisrael

Below is a list of helpful hints to help ensure that your work is being saved when you work on the Kol Yisrael software.

1. Always be sure you are connected to the Internet so the Behrman House server can track your progress.

2. Use your correct User Name and Password each time you sign on to the program. If you’ve forgotten either or both, call Behrman House (800-221-2755) and we’ll happily retrieve it for you.

3. Always exit by “quitting” the program properly (not CTRL, ATL, DELETE).

4. Results will only sync/upload to the server when you have completed a full lesson on the software, i.e., all activities in that lesson. Don’t worry; you will not lose your work because  all your work is saved locally on your hard drive. When you connect to the Internet, the results upload automatically. Again, you will only see your results on the Results Page when you have completed all the activities in that lesson.

5. You can click on the “Sync” button (located on the bottom right of the screen) to save your progress any time during your work online. Remember: the results page with your final scores will only show when you have completed the lesson. But your work is not being lost! It is being saved on your hard drive.

6. If you’ve lost your CD, don’t worry, you can download a free copy of the software (if you’ve already created a user name and password) here:

7. You may need to make an exception on your computer firewall to allow Kol Yisrael to sync with the Behrman House server. Click the following link for the instructions:

Please don’t hesitate to call our technical support team at Behrman House, Inc. New Jersey: 800-221-2755

We want you to succeed. We hope you love using Kol Yisrael. And we want to help ensure that your hard work is saved!