Israel Matters

Finally, a resource to help young people—or anyone—sort out their responses to controversy over Israel.


"Mitchell Bard has a way of taking complex and important topics and explaining them simply. If ever there was a time to explain to a wide audience why Israel matters, this is surely that time."

- Dennis B. Ross, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy


Discussions about Israel often focus on controversial issues: the hardships of the Palestinians, Israel's internal social problems, and secular-religious conflicts. When you hear criticism of Israel, what do you think? Do you know whether the criticism is accurate or not? Do you try to find out? Not everyone likes to debate, but you may still want to find out the answers for yourelf to make your own judgments.

Israel Matters explores the historical and political forces that created the Jewish state, influence the unrest in the Palestinian territories, shape the peace process, and affect Israel’s security today. It was written to help anyone sort out the complexities that surround the Jewish state and offers a place to begin a conversation.

Dr. Mitchell G. Bard is a leading authority on U.S.-Middle East policy.

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