Living Jewish Values Series

A flexible two-year values curriculum in four units

by Joysa Mayben Winter, Mark H. Levine and Aviva Werner – Online Music Video Companion by Alan Sufrin

Explore core Jewish values through stories, personality quizzes, and music videos.

The Living Jewish Values series introduces students to sixteen of the most important—and sustaining—values of our tradition using a workbook/journal format that invites student reflection. The series is designed to be used in four units over two years. Appropriate for grades 4, 5, or 6, each four-value unit is available separately to allow flexibility to fit into your program.

Enduring Understanding

The values of our people resonate through our history, in the stories we tell, and in the lives of many Jews. They inspire us to ethical behavior and enrich our personal lives, our families, our friendships, and our communities. They also help us find answers to problems large and small that we face each and every day.

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The print material provides all the activities, texts, and other background you will need to help your students explore each Jewish value, together with space for journaling and personal reflection.

  • Compelling tales from classical Jewish literature stimulate discussion.
  • Personality quizzes encourage students to identify aspects of each value in their own behavior.
  • Stories from the agaddic tradition as well as articles about contemporary role models help students comprehend the value in action.
  • Concrete strategies help students adopt the values in their own lives.
  • Plenty of space for reflections allows students to build a permanent resource as they develop their own plans for incorporating Jewish values in to their lives.

An optional digital companion for each four-value unit adds a multidimensional component to class through music videos by contemporary Jewish artists. Each video comes with its own lesson plan, lyrics, and student activity instruction sheet.

By the end of this systematic, comprehensive program, students will:

  • Read and pronounce the Hebrew value terms for sixteen Jewish values
  • Understand the value concepts
  • Identify core sacred texts associated with each value
  • Recognize the relevance of these values to society
  • Develop a plan to adopt each value in their personal lives