Behrman House on the Road

Written by Behrman House Staff, 13 of December, 2016
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Behrman House staff makes a practice of getting out of the office regularly, all the better to meet our educator colleagues and gain a deeper understanding of the present and the future of Jewish education. We attend conferences, run workshops, speak to groups, visit educators, and seek opportunities to learn about trends and issues that affect our customers and our work. Here’s where we're off to in the next couple of months, and what we've been up to this past fall. Are we going to be in your area? Let us know--we'd love to see you while we're there!

Where We’re Going This Winter 

Florida, December-March
Marlene Myerson, curriculum specialist, will be in Florida through the end of March, and available for school visits and in-person consultations.

iCenterChicago, January 3-5,
Vicki Weber, RJE, will be at the iFellows Seminar as part of a masters concentration in Israel Education. The program, funded in part by the Jim Joseph Foundation, brings together students from a variety of graduate programs specifically to focus on approaches to Israel education that combine nuanced understanding of Israel with innovative practices and pedagogies. Now in its 6th year, there are 46 iFellows in the current cohort.

ARJE Annual Gathering, St. Louis, January 23-25,
Terry Kaye, Vicki Weber, Joan Carr, and Marlene Myerson will join Jewish educators from across North America at this gathering, which is focused this year on leadership.

Prismeh ConferenceChicago, Febraury 5-7,
David Behrman will be on hand at the first gathering of this newly combined day school organization.

Cantors Assembly, February webinar
Terry Kaye will lead a webinar on t’filah education and the development of Hebrew in Harmony


Where We’ve Been This Fall 

Interfaith Opportunity Summit, Philadelphia
Dena Neusner attended this summit run by to learn more about outreach to and issues within the interfaith community.

Jewish Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Seminar, New York City
Dena Neusner participated in a panel called Jewish Voices, Jewish Resources.

Jewish Educator’s Assembly, Los Angeles
Aviva Gutnick ran a session called "Hebrew in Harmony: Teaching Prayer Through Music."

Mindful Leadership Summit, Washington DC
David Behrman attended this 3-day conference designed to explore ways to bring mindfulness practices into the workplace.

Gratz College, Philadelphia
Marlene Myerson ran a session for doctoral students about formal curriculum development. They examined the pros and cons of using an approach that has goals and objectives for each grade, supported by appropriate textbooks and other resources.

Conservative Principals Conference, Great Neck, New York
Ann Koffsky attended this Yom Iyun program to learn and listen to speakers such as Zeev Ben Shachar from Jerusalem University.

Los Angeles/San Diego
Aviva Gutnick visited several schools and educators throughout southern California.

Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati
Terry Kaye ran a webinar for 2nd year rabbinic students called “How to Choose Educational Materials.”

Association for Corporate Growth, Princeton, New Jersey
David Behrman spoke at the organization’s annual dinner about “Transforming a Legacy Business: Leadership and Innovation in Chaotic Times.”