Free Purim Resources for Classroom Engagement

Written by Behrman House Staff, 03 of February, 2017
Resources for a Plentiful Tu BiShevat

Purim creates an exciting opportunity to add some silliness into the classroom, as well as learning about the deeper meaning of the holiday. For the occasion, we’ve rounded up some resources for students of all ages to celebrate Purim as noisily, colorfully, and merrily as possible!

100+ Jewish Art Projects for Children (PreK-6)
Whether your students are in preschool or 6th grades, 100+ Jewish Art Projects for Children offers several ideas for hands-on activities. Including a chapter on Purim, your students will have the opportunity to use different materials to create puppets, graggers, baskets, murals, and more. 














Jewish and Me Purim (Grades PreK-K)

For younger students being formally introduced to Purim for the first time, Jewish and Me: Purim, found inside the Jewish and Me: Spring Holidays set, offers a simple entryway to the holiday. 

Condensed into a four-page folder, students will be introduced to the roles they can take in the holiday alongside their fellow students and loved ones.

Let’s Celebrate Purim (Grades K-2)

Let’s Celebrate: Purim follows a magazine format and includes explanations for different aspects of the holiday. What is the story of Purim? What is the megillah? When do we twirl the gragger? With several pages dedicated to Purim and activities surrounding the celebration, students are sure to walk away with a better understanding of the holiday and an eagerness to take part themselves.

My Jewish Year (Grades 2-3)

Intended for students around the ages of 7-9, My Jewish Year is a valuable text that follow the Jewish calendar year, offering insight for each holiday and activities to help keep students engaged. My Jewish Year also presents opportunities for each student to answer questions and think about how Purim relates to his or her own life.

Jewish Holidays, Jewish Values (Grades 4-6)

Purim gives us a chance to explore the value of tzedakah and giving. Why do people give to others? How do the story and themes of Purim encourage us to give to others - both to friends and to those in need?

Download a free lesson from Jewish Holidays, Jewish Values that explores these questions. Purim invites students to consider the mitzvah of giving and reflect on concepts of justice and morality. What have your students done that has been difficult? How did it feel afterwards? If one of your students saw unfairness in the world, how would they act? Who would they ask if they were unsure? Intended for older students, this book offers great opportunities for students to look at current events and think critically about the decisions they would make, have made, and their feelings concerning both.


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