Hebrew Resources to Refresh Reading and Decoding Skills

Written by Behrman House Staff, 16 of August, 2017
Gauge Language Skills with the Hebrew Reading Assessment
Keep Hebrew Skills Sharp in Ten Minutes

Help your students refresh their Hebrew skills after the summer slide. Build in a few minutes and some encouragement to get your students reading quickly and confidently as they begin a new year of learning.

Try these resources for effective, quick learning. Students will make progress and see the fun in Hebrew learning.

The Ten-Minute Hebrew Reader
Grades 3-5

Do your students need a bridge to ongoing practice after completing a primer? With the newly revised Ten-Minute Hebrew Reader, students can start their lessons with a Hebrew “workout.” Students will read, sing, jump, clap and touch toes — all while strengthening and refreshing Hebrew skills! As they progress, they will read and decode faster and with more confidence.

Download your free worksheet from the Ten-Minute Hebrew Reader here.

Back-to-School Hebrew Reading Refresher
Grades 4-5

The Back-to-School Hebrew Reading Refresher is perfect for those who need a way to close the gap between a primer and level one of any Hebrew series. Students will review letters and vowels and have the opportunity to practice writing, decoding, and letter combinations. In no time, students will be able to recognize key vocabulary words and read lines of prayer more fluently than before.

Download your free worksheet from the Back-to-School Hebrew Reading Refresher here.